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Errybody on Tumblr needs to CALM. DOWN.

Born This Way was leaked today. It’s 2011; this was expected. I’m personally not going to listen to the leaks out of respect for GaGa, and I want to be able to sit down and enjoy the album all at once when it’s released. Not everyone is going to wait, and I respect that. It doesn’t make you any less of a Little Monster. It irks me that there are people going around and condemning people for listening to it. GaGa promotes love and acceptance, so let’s follow her example and NOT spread hatred and drama.

If you listen to the leaks, please support GaGa and actually purchase the album once it’s released. If you’re choosing to wait, do the same.

I can’t wait to sit here with my headphones on next Monday and listen to this album for the first time. 

That’s all I wanted to say. Continue with your lives.