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It’s official.

I am going to get a mohawk similar to this within the next week:

Pixie cut length on the sides, longer in the middle. But with some sort of bang.

I’m so excited.

The consensus of my hair post:

-Jessica thinks I should shave half of my head or get a mohawk. With crazy colors.

-CT’s response: “Don’t do that.”


I really want to do something wild and crazy with my hair the next time I get it cut. I wanted to do something like that in high school, but the lack of independence thing kind of put a stop on that.

It’s my last two semesters of college. Why not? If I don’t like it, my hair grows fast and it won’t matter in a few months. If I like it, I’ve reinvented myself with my hair (again).

My sense of style is what I would describe as “punk-inspired with a feminine flair.” I want my hair to start reflecting that too. Maybe an edgy cut or a dye job. I always wanted an unnatural hair color like blue or pink, but my lack of knowledge in that area and unnaturally fast hair growth made that seem impossible. But why not try it, for the hell of it?

I don’t know. I’m still debating it. Chopping my hair off was the best decision I ever made with my personal appearance. Will taking it another step ruin it? Or make it better? I guess I’ll find out.


Be different, be you. x