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Judas is absolutely perfect and I will fight you if you say otherwise

I’ll settle for blasting the ARTPOP album and closing my eyes and picturing her standing there right in front of me, like she was in May. Imagining her arms wrapping around me and whispering into my ear “I love you too” and just knowing that this woman knows that I exist and knows how much she means to me.

I would literally give anything to go back to the artRAVE. It was the best day of my entire life. I never felt so happy and free as I did there. I would much rather be screaming and dancing with Gaga than sitting in my bathroom, crying alone.

I just want a studio version of Partynauseous, is that too much to ask?

"Hmmm, I might see Gaga again in Nevada. Let me see how much tickets are."



swelldame: I agree though - I thought the picture was blown out of proportion too. Honestly, I've been overall disappointed with the artpop era, so this kind of didn't phase me. XD The thing that irks me more is when she goes back on her "Stop the drama. Start the music" with shading (hate that word) Madonna fans and Katy Perry. Her attitude has been weird overall this era. :/ 

Yeah, I can agree with that. I’m glad that she’s standing up for herself in some respects, but sometimes it seems like it’s going too far. I think she’s just sick of laying down and taking a lot of the harsh criticism and bashing that she’s been getting, but I agree that there are better ways to handle it.

swelldame: In response to your lady gaga question. On Pride day, she posted an instagram pic about straights celebrating pride too. It was of her with Asia and a guy sitting next to her. That's what everybody is crazy about right now. XD 

THANK YOU! So THAT’S what all the fuss is about!

After looking at the picture, I think people are severely blowing this out of proportion. If she was REALLY “coming out” as straight, she wouldn’t do it with a picture like that. In my opinion, I think it was a “joke” that was taken too seriously.

Gaga has claimed since the very beginning that she is bi and has had sexual attractions to women, even though she has never romantically been with a woman before. That’s not going to just suddenly change. Not that it’s not okay to question and reevaluate your identity! But for someone like Gaga, she would take that far more seriously than a silly picture on Instagram.

Poker Face is about thinking of women while with men. Americano refers to a woman. Sexxx Dreams is supposedly about a woman. These feelings aren’t fake. She has genuinely been attracted to women before.

And what upsets me the most is that people are saying that she’s said “transphobic” things before? That “Born This Way” is offensive to the LGBT community? That she uses the LGBT community as an attention-seeking device? I’m sorry, I thought she was making the world a better place. I thought she was speaking out against inequality. I thought she made an entire foundation to promote a braver, kinder world. I thought she genuinely gave a shit. Probably because SHE DOES.

And even if she is straight, so what? The only person that can assert her identity is Gaga herself. If that’s how she chooses to identify, then who are we to judge? And how does that make her fight for equality invalid? It’s everyone’s responsibility to fight for what’s right, regardless of who you are and what you identify as.

And that’s my two cents on that. Swelldame, I’m in no way directing this toward you. I’m directing this toward the people that are bashing her for literally no reason. Thank you for answering my question! 

I really enjoy reading stories from people that aren’t fans that went to the artRAVE. It’s great to see that everyone can be touched by Gaga’s music and performances. And that you can have a fun time if you’re a fan or not!

I don’t know, it’s just really sweet to know that someone bought a ticket to her show, had a great time, and maybe shed a few tears!