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Judas is absolutely perfect and I will fight you if you say otherwise

I’ll settle for blasting the ARTPOP album and closing my eyes and picturing her standing there right in front of me, like she was in May. Imagining her arms wrapping around me and whispering into my ear “I love you too” and just knowing that this woman knows that I exist and knows how much she means to me.

I would literally give anything to go back to the artRAVE. It was the best day of my entire life. I never felt so happy and free as I did there. I would much rather be screaming and dancing with Gaga than sitting in my bathroom, crying alone.

I just want a studio version of Partynauseous, is that too much to ask?

"Hmmm, I might see Gaga again in Nevada. Let me see how much tickets are."



swelldame: I agree though - I thought the picture was blown out of proportion too. Honestly, I've been overall disappointed with the artpop era, so this kind of didn't phase me. XD The thing that irks me more is when she goes back on her "Stop the drama. Start the music" with shading (hate that word) Madonna fans and Katy Perry. Her attitude has been weird overall this era. :/ 

Yeah, I can agree with that. I’m glad that she’s standing up for herself in some respects, but sometimes it seems like it’s going too far. I think she’s just sick of laying down and taking a lot of the harsh criticism and bashing that she’s been getting, but I agree that there are better ways to handle it.